Acronyms, Analogies and All That Jazz

I have always talked in analogies and I use acronyms and buzzwords a lot of the time. You could say I was born to run an Ecommerce Consultancy business 🙂

Acronyms abound in my world. SEO, PPC, CPA, PCI are some I use most days. I think this is part of the reason people don’t trust people who give them Ecommerce advice. They tend to speak in a different language.

This is where a couple of analogies spring to mind, I always refer to dealing with people like me as being similar to dealing with a used car salesman or car mechanic. (Analogy on the way 🙂 ) When I take my car into the garage I just hope they don’t rip me off. What goes on under the bonnet is a foreign world to me. I know where to put oil, water and petrol, that’s it. I remember a yellow light coming on telling me I had to put coolant into my car –  I spent 10 minutes wondering what coolant was, then phoning Paul my mate as he is into all that car stuff.

Anyway back to the analogy – when a retailer is looking for someone to help them develop an online strategy they are normally venturing into a world that is alien to them. They know how to source product, visually merchandise a shop, offer excellent customer service and market their retail outlets but for many the world of Ecommerce is the same for them as it is for me when I chat to the mechanic. He knows I don’t know much and that I have to trust him, and my customers need to do the same.

Clearly references and past work are born in mind. I only use mechanics who mates who know what they are on about use. Most people I work with are introduced by people I know, so there is an element of trust from the beginning. It is still important to safeguard that trust. Too many mechanics use the ignorance of their customers to add on parts they don’t need (don’t even get me started on dentists by the way).

The same can be true in Ecommerce. I could persuade a brand they need to pay me a retainer for SEO, as they have heard of it and vaguely know it is important. My approach is different to this as I offer services they need and will prove a good investment. I am happy to take risk and invent charging mechanisms where I only earn money when I prove myself. Many brands were burnt by Ecommerce in the past, and need reassurance, so my approach has proved to be the solution for them.

Anyway enough selling to you why I am so blooming wonderful and one final analogy for the day. Once you have chosen your adviser be it JellyWall or another Ecommerce consultant you do then have to trust them. Customers get better value for money when they let my team do their jobs. When the gas fitter turns up I don’t tell him how to install the boiler. Building a website can be similar, brands need be happy with the design but after that leave it to the experts.