In Touch with my Feminine Side

I have always joked that I am in touch with my feminine side, and pink is my favourite colour, that’s not a joke by the way. I have a lot of female friends and a lot of the time I find woman more reliable than men. I wouldn’t want to be a woman mind, I wouldn’t want to have worry about make-up, and what outfit to wear and which shoes go with which dress. Don’t even get me started on bags; accessorising is definitely outside of my comfort zone. I do actually moisturise, so I guess I could be called a metrosexual. Though the lack of a man bag or any other grooming probably excludes me from this categorisation.

This assertion that I am in touch with my feminine side has been put to a real test over recent weeks. As part of helping out my customers I have been ghost writing the odd blog to show them how it’s done. You see I am pushing all my partners to increase the content on their sites. Good content has always been important to Google but in recent times this has become a much more important factor in any SEO strategy.

So who have I written for and what have I written? Would you be able to tell that the blog posts you may have read were written by a 41 year old man, not a mid-20s girl? One great example is a blog of wrote for Rojo shoes. The article was about which shoes I would wear on which first date. Well I know as much about dating as I do women’s shoes so I was setting myself quite a challenge.

At the same time I was writing a blog for a classic men’s brand, a high end boutique, a vintage clothing site and my own blog. So I was adopting different characters for each one. Writing my own blog took a fraction of the time, as it is my thoughts. Writing for HarperandLewisVintage was also fairly straight forward, as I am Facebook friends with them so had plenty of material. I just adopted my version of Gaz as my character and words flowed.

Surprisingly writing for James Aubrey menswear I found more difficult than writing as if I was a girl for Rojo and Larizia. Once I had an idea for Larizia I found adopting my version of a female perspective fun. I know I am putting myself in the firing line by admitting this. Some may say my feminine side is actually condescending to woman, but I hope people don’t realise the difference.

As I moved from one character to another I found it got a lot easier. The hardest thing is idea creation. After that I just got on and wrote what I thought was appropriate. My favourite tasks were putting together different outfits for my alter egos. As a man I don’t spend too long considering outfits, but as a “woman” I began to discuss how to make the best of my figure and the use of heels to give me that little extra height. Even which first dates I liked as I could dress more glam!

I have also been helping promote other partners on social media to some comical effects. I can’t bring myself to say because too many people have engaged with me in a positive way, so I feel a bit of a fraud. So that is one secret I intend to keep.

I guess what I am trying to say is sometimes to prove my point I am willing to take risk and put myself out there. Blog writing has to be engaging if you want to attract a following. However, Blogs on ecommerce sites have two purposes, one is to communicate with your customers but in reality the more important function is to help increase traffic. So make the blog believable and try to make it interesting – but don’t forget to make it regular, once or twice week and make sure the word count is close to 1000 words. These factors give the content more weight and therefore help with organic traffic generation.

I can write a reasonably written, hopefully fairly interesting blog in under an hour about more or less anything. The key is deciding on your “personality” and idea generation, after that the writing can flow. I am not saying anyone can do it, but I think most people can give it a good go. Just don’t worry about it too much, if you try to write perfect content you will never have the time for anything else.