The Birth of the JellyGuru

So why did I call my business JellyWall? And what the hell is the JellyGuru all about? I get asked that at every first meeting. The truth is fairly simple. When the business was born as ESF Services it was an offshoot of Cloggs, and the name was chosen by Chris Thomas. It fit our ambitions for a professional services approach to ecommerce support.


When I decided to leave Cloggs and run the business full time the name just didn’t fit. I remember having a coffee with Leon Bailey Green in London. He told me to change the name as he said I sounded like a plumbers. I protested “What’s in a name?” But quickly realised he was right.


So the search for a new name was started and finished in a few hours the next afternoon. We started playing with latin translation but all the names sounded too serious. At the end of the day when I set up I said I wanted it to be fun for me, those who work with me and for my future customers. So I soon binned off Latin translations.


So the discussions continued and soon became more obscure. I said to Ben, “well we should call ourselves sticking jelly to the wall, because that’s what working with most businesses in Ecommerce is like.” We laughed, and he said just shorten it to Jellywall. So we did…


Later that day my best mate Paul came in. He has always been a supporter of my venture so I asked his opinion. His immediate response was no way, your mad, people will laugh at you, you not calling it that. An hour later after a mad discussion about Jelly inspired names the JellyGuru was born. (Paul was named the JellyFather at the same time)


The way I look at it is if you run your own business and their are 4 of you, to call yourself the CEO or MD is a bit above yourself. Being the worlds only JellyGuru seemed less pretentious.


And I now consider myself a marketing genius as the name has proved to be a great success. It never fails to make people smile when I pass over my business card, and most customers warm to it.


The lines between the JellyGuru and Damian Scarlett have become increasing blurred. My approach to business and management has always been relaxed, but since the birth if the JellyGuru I could be in danger of becoming too David Brent. I guess the key difference is I do genuinely know what I am on about, and the JellyGuru does help me get my message over in a relaxed way.