My Twiends and Fave Bloggers

As per my previous blog I have learnt a lot from chatting on twitter to bloggers and the like. It is a lovely community and I have decided to write about those twiends who are the best! The list is in no particular order J

@englishmum Becky has been part of my blogger family for a long time. She is always happy to advice and chat. She is just a thoroughly nice person who doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in her body. She also is thoroughly entertaining and brings a smile to my face. Whenever I need advice about approaching mummy bloggers she is always my first port of call.

@rozfashionista I always go to Roz if I want an opinion on a new shoe brand I may be working with. She is obsessed with shoes and has real style. As a 41 year old male I need to verify my opinions with people who know their Louboutins from their Jimmy Choos. She puts up with me constant questions with a patience and grace.

@britbeautyblog I have learnt a lot from Jane about how to interact on twitter. She let me off my initial stumbling’s, which included switching to public tweets when having a dm conversation. This taught me a valuable lesson about drunken tweeting. Always has time for a chat, and when I need beauty advice is always my first port of call. She also makes me laugh.

@LBQblog Hayley similarly to Jane has taught me a few lessons about the world of twitter. The most valuable lesson was to point out that all beauty bloggers know each other and chat. So if I think I am being sneaky by getting them to promote a product or brand – I’m not. She has made me less transparent J

@BigFashionista Kellie is a star. She has helped me oodles of times by retweeting questions I need answered to her followers. I trust her opinion implicitly and know she will tell me how it is. I need people like her because I can get a bit carried away with myself from time to time J Her blog is always entertaining and forthright in her opinions.

@STYLISA Lisa has always made me smile with her stories about her journey to work. Whether she meets TubeTotty or BusTotty or Notties genuinely makes me chuckle.

@shoescouk Nigel entertains me. The highlight of our twiendship was his tweet featuring a picture of him in his Speedos. He is a man like me who doesn’t mind taking one for the team. We were competitors in the shoe etail world, but got on well.

@julianhakes Julian makes the list even though we met in real life before we became twiends. He is a great example of how to build a brand based on a great product but also on the back of being a great self-publicist. He is a role model I use when discussing PR with any emerging brands. As a brand owner you need to chat to your customers yourself and show them your real character. Top bloke as well.

@thembinkosi a slightly tongue in cheek inclusion for my older and only sibling. He reckons he taught me all I know on twitter so makes the list for such great wisdom he has imparted. This is his twitter account for his charity which runs a school in Livingstone in Zambia. As I always like to say he is a social entrepreneur, and I am an entrepreneur who socialises J

@fashiontrain Becca lives her life on social media. When I met her for a coffee she was tweeting, instagraming away throughout. She is also an inspiration to any aspiring fashion bloggers. She started a fashion blog when she was 15, and now has a highly successful and well followed blog. She genuinely doesn’t know how great she is at what she does as she is just a nice down to earth girl who likes talking about fashion.