Project Focus

Popsoda: Custom B2B Storefront

Magento B2B storefront custom product page

The Challenge

Popsoda has been selling its products wholesale to other businesses since XXXX. In XXXX, Jellywall was asked to build a custom trade site that seamlessly integrated with existing platforms in the business.

Our Work

Jellywall’s design and build team worked closely with Popsoda to understand its requirements and build specification. With these points agreed, the agency then designed and built a custom B2B store with full stock integration and shipping solutions.

What we did

  1. Custom Product Page to replicate the order sheet for fast order
  2. Custom integration that allows customers to order in packs and boxes, constructing the order based on pre-defined combination of simple products
  3. Specification and assistance choosing stock management system
  4. Private site – All orders require login

The Results

  1. The storefront continues to operate successfully, selling Popsoda goods wholesale to traders across the world
  2. Any figures we could add here?
  3. We were initially approached by Popsoda to re-build their B2B site, but in our x year journey working closely with the team, we have delivered on that and much more. Read about our development of a B2C storefront here (link to Hell Bunny). 

“Websites can be tricky to get right and sometimes pose the threat of long downtime. Jellywall has shown us that it’s possible to design, build and develop an entirely new storefront for B2B use without ceasing trading.”